Immigration Detention Center Documentary, Director
Filming in progress with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Rob Tate
Northern Cross, screenplay
2nd Round Finalist, Austin Film Festival, Winner, Gold Palm Award, Official Selection, 2009 Action On Film Festival, Mexican International Film Festival
SYNOPSIS: The entire country is thrown into turmoil when a black Iraq War vet takes a stand against violent vigilantes who kill an illegal immigrant crossing the U.S. border in California.
Breaking the Fourth, screenplay
2010 Finalist, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
SYNOPSIS: After witnessing a bizarre double murder, a female FBI agent who specializes in child abductions, races to save our world from a fourth dimensional child who is using New York as its horrific playground.
SEIZE, screenplay
co-written with Jim Stansberry
SYNOPSIS: An artifact unearthed in Africa mysteriously draws a group of people from around the world to a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean. When they're attacked by Somali pirates, they realize the strange cargo is their worst enemy...and their only hope.
Day of Reckoning, full length play
Jane Chambers Award and Multistages New Works Award
Production History: New Theatre, Five Points Theatre, Kraine Theatre
SYNOPSIS: A former slave and a former Confederate soldier are the dynamic couple behind black voter registration in Texas and the early labor movement in Chicago...until explosive tragedy challenges everything they've fought for. Based on the lives of Lucy and Albert Parsons.
Sweet Mercy, full length play
2010 Finalist, SheWrites Playwriting Festival
Production History: New York Film and Theatre Workshop, Epic Rep/Primary Stages Staged Reading

SYNOPSIS: While tackling the political implications of inaction in 1994 in Rwanda and currently in Darfur, Sweet Mercy reveals the strength of the human heart and spirit in the face of horror. Four young Rwandans, the UNAMIR officer who knew them, and an NGO worker who crosses their path, take us on a journey from despair to hope. With a performance of TITUS ANDRONICUS serving as an eerie counterpoint to the genocide in Rwanda, the play explores how the past and present can haunt our future.
Absolute Magnitude, full length play
Sloan New Play Initiative Finalist
SYNOPSIS: On the eve of a major scientific conference, Stella, a black astrophysicist, mysteriously encounters three historical astronomers and a male quantum physicist. Time and space, reality, self identity, belief and the nature of all there is are all challenged as Stella interacts with these characters through dialogue, song, dance, iambic pentameter, Fibonacci sequences, touch and silence. She rediscovers herself as a woman and scientist, and embarks on a truly strange journey back to where she is going to be.
Truth Be Told, one-act play
Production History: Upcoming Going to the River Festival at Ensemble Studio Theatre
SYNOPSIS: Two women: a black reporter from Brooklyn and a reporter from Iraq, strike up a friendship that has devastating results in this play based on a true story.
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